Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bus Fare Not Affordable for the Poor

Paseka Menyau

Bus communters in Pretoria’s Soshanguve Township are not happy with the recent bus fare increase which they say they were never consulted about.

The Putco Bus Company raised fares by eight percent on 03 April 2011 as a result of the recent fuel price increase in South Africa. Meeting in the township's Block TT commuters, most of whom earn working class salaries, say much of their money goes towards transport.

One commuter says almost half her salary goes towards transport as she has to work and doesn’t leave enough for her three grandchildren.

“I used to pay R502 for the bus ticket and now it’s R545 for a monthly ticket and I earn R1 216,” complained the commuter.

62-year-old Ivy Buthelezi says she doesn’t know what she is paying for as the buses are not properly maintained.

“The buses are not in a good condition, they are leaky and some often just get stuck on the highway, she says.

The Bus company has told commuters that the eight percent increase will remain.

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