Thursday, June 3, 2010

Waving Flags With K’naan And The World Cup Trophy

Thabiso Sihlali & Neo Manganye

We often hear that the early bird catches the worm and that proved to be true on Wednesday when the world cup trophy arrived at the Tshwane University of Technology’s Soshanguve campus. We woke up early just so we could be there before eight in the morning. This was on a day when we didn’t have any classes. And thank goodness we did because we got to experience what those who came late didn’t and most never will.

Arriving early allowed us to get our passes to get to at least touch the glass that was protecting the trophy. It allowed us to take a photograph with the trophy. Yesterday was one piece of history we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

It’s a good thing that we didn’t leave early either. Most people who had seen the trophy complained about the chaos that started later in the day with the masses turning up. We decided to soak in the atmosphere though and stay to socialise with the crowds.

Then something totally unexpected happened. Somali musician, K’naan, arrived to perform his massive international hit Waving Flag, Coca Cola’s official world cup song for the 2010 football world cup.

Everything was great man and it was amazing seeing people of all ages from pre-school children to old people having a great time. Now let the games begin.

Check out K'naan's Wavin flag at

A performance not to be Missed!!

The World Cup Trophy In Sosh

Tshepo Tshabalala

The FIFA world cup trophy finally made it to Soshanguve on Wednesday. Tight and heavy security was the order of the day as soon as the 12-carat ornament landed on campus. The beautiful game's greatest prize made its 31st stop at the Tshwane University of Technology’s Soshanguve south campus as it continues its journey across South Africa before the world cup starts on Fiday, next week.

As part of the memorable and once in a lifetime trophy tour of the country, the university and surrounding community had the opportunity to enjoy a rare close up view of the World Cup Trophy.
What started as a seemingly slow, unsuccessful day became a scene taxi rank on a month end. By lunchtime it was estimated that 16 000 people had come to revel in the festivities and be part of history.
Only a few could get a chance of taking a photo with the trophy. Those are people with pashasha tickets. These tickets were given to the university and selected lucky community members by Coca Cola. They are often given out to enable some people to get up close and personal with the strictly guarded piece.
Members of the community also had a chance to watch a 3D movie and they also received free coca cola drinks.

The organisers made sure that there was also an abundance of entertainment.

The trophy has travelled across 91 cities in 84 countries. It will now go to Vanderbijlpark, Krugersdorp and finally complete its long tour in Soweto at the Dlamini Centre.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BIG MacCarthy Can Enjoy More Cape Town Fish & Chips Now - No More Training For Him!

Pearl Nicodemus

It seems as though the talking point in the Bafana squad is the exclusion of striker, Benni McCarthy. Some are for it and there are those who say his experience is needed in South Africa’s football side. Despite what people’s feelings may be many expected coach, Alberto Parreira, to include the veteran player in his final selection.

                                                                  Almost but not quite
The coach waited until the deadline date  of the 1st of June to
announce his world cup team. This is after some teams had arrived in South Africa for the 2010 showpiece. There was much speculation about Benni as he had not played during the last few games Bafana played. He didn’t even feature the day before final team was selected. The team beat Columbia 5-0 without the legendary McCarthy. Through all this there were still people who expected to see him in the eighteen area during this year’s world cup.

Now let’s go back a bit in history before deciding whether we need Benni McCarthy in the final 23 or not.

Remember that McCarthy became infamous after he refused to play for the national team while he was still playing for Blakburn Rovers in England. He spoke openly, boldly and arrogantly to the media about his reasons for his refusal. He even said he did not feel obliged to represent his national team during the Confederations Cup and the World Cup. McCarthy’s behaviour caused quite a stir in the hearts of soccer loving South Africans.

There were times when McCarthy would even get the other boys to protest and demand better pay just before major games. He has admitted to this too. At one point he did not go to a Bafana Bafana training camp saying he could not find anyone to look after his daughter as she is not familiar with his family in Cape Town.

Now I guess it’s payback time. It is often said that “karma is a b***h”. Maybe he should have put his ego aside and played his part. After all national pride is what we South Africans have a lot of.

After countless meetings and squabbles with SAFA, he had finally committed himself to Bafana Bafana. It seems it was a little too late.

Recently his fitness levels also came under the spotlight. Benni McCarthy was struggling to play full games and he was extremely overweight. He did say that he worked hard on that and weight was no longer his problem.

Looking at twitter it seems as if people support the decision made by the coach.

Here are just some of those twitter comments:

“Benni should have taken Cele's advice; stomach in, chest out!”

“But in honest truth he did seem unfit. It is an honest decision, really.”

“Let's all donate money as a nation to buy Benni McCarthy a happy meal. He is sad.”

“When Benni was on TKZee song saying 'hey lekker lekker fish &chips',he was letting us know about his love for food, now we see it bad timing.”

“Hope Benni McDonalds is not an emotional eater.”

There are those who support him

“No Benni McCarthy in SA WC squad. what?”

“Benni should be in the squad f**k what you thought.”

“SA World Cup Team announced. Despite his fitness I would have still put my money on Benni than Nomvete.”