Monday, March 26, 2012

Man Accused of Multiple Rapes, Murders and Robbery Since Escape from Police Custody

 Zanele Ngwenyama

Douglas Mogakane is the man that has Acornhoek community members in Mpumalanga locking their doors at 18:00 and police just seem to be struggling to catch him. On Friday 23 March, Acornhoek Police Station was packed with fed-up residents of Acornhoek and surrounding areas in a bid to get the police to fast track their search for the alleged serial rapist, murderer and robber who is wanted for over 50 crimes.

Residents of the semi-rural area accuse the police of working with Mogakane and protecting him which results in their reluctance to arrest him. The community says, if arrested, he may expose the corruption that goes on in the police station station.

He was initially arrested in Graskop early last year in connection with multiple robberies around Bushbuckridge. He was sent to a gaol in Kruger National Park, Skukuza.  

In November last year he escaped and returned home. It’s unknown how he escaped and managed to leave the park, eventually finding his way home without being captured. The news of his escape were on national television and radio, but Mogakane has not been arrested until today. During the last four months he has been accused of robbing several Pakistani owned shops, raping twelve women and killing nine people. 

Residents say they are always scared as he is roaming the streets freely and when police are notified of his whereabouts, they take more than 3 hours to arrive. He is listed on the SAPS database as one of the mostwanted persons

If the police working in the Acornhoek Police Station are unable to arrest him then it’s baffling why they haven’t asked the army for assistance as they are situated in Hoedspriut, not far from where they are.

How much damage is he supposed to cause before someone arrests him? The police have warned residents not to provoke him as he is heavily armed. Each household has been advised to lock up at 18:00 in case he attacks. 

Maybe as the community believes, it seems there truly might be someone on the inside working with this man and blocking his arrest. The public has said it is now giving police up to 31 March to arrest him and if that doesn’t happen, they threaten mob justice.

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  1. This is shocking and appalling. Is this what life is like in S. Africa, or is this an isolated case? And did they ever catch him finally, or did mob justice ensue?