Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who Would Run Nationalised Mines With Youth Abandoning Classes to Support Malema?

Gift Ngobeni

Many ANC Youth League Supporters Chanted Struggle
Songs outside ANC Buildings in Johannesburg last night.
Photo: http://www.iol.co.za/
I watched with utter disgust as young people, some students from universities and high schools, abandon classes and work to go and support the ANC Youth League president Julius Malema outside Luthuli House this morning. This irresponsible practice started last night when young people held a night vigil outside the headquarters of the African National Congress.

Malema has been preaching nationalisation of mines and economic freedom, but then I would like to ask this question to our “youth leader”, who is going to run those state structures when our future leaders abandon school to support him. Night vigils will not educate nor benefit the youth of today as it will only contribute to the high percentage of illiteracy in South Africa. I personally have nothing against the ANCYL president but encouraging young people to leave school work in support of one man is a serious contradiction and unacceptable.

Lessons From Europe: Africa Needs to Be China's Equal Partner

While it seems South Africa is stuck in old debates on whether doing business with China is a good idea and many keep on raising the issue of Chinese human rights abuses, it seems certain European countries have gone far beyond that debate. They have decided to do business with China and it’s not a case of China moving its structures to Europe and getting business out of the Eurozone – these countries want business to be a two way process and they too are moving their products to the massive Chinese market.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The other Revolution in Egypt

 The second video from the series on Egypt and the Revolution

Monday, August 22, 2011

Community Believes Butchery Sells Human Body Parts

Sthembiso Sithole
The Winterveld Community believes this
butchery sold a child a human penis.

“I am scared to sleep at night, I am no longer free. I regret why I gave community members that difficult meat to chew.”

This is a reaction of Paulina Mahlangu who was sold mixed livers that allegedly had human parts in Winterveld in the local Butchery.

This comes after her grandchild, Lindeni, was sent by her mother who refused to be mentioned to buy mixed livers for supper as usual.

Mr & Miss TUT Res Elimination Photos

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bok Bad Form Before WC Similar to 2007 - Let's Hope History Repeats Itself

William Tshabalala

Photo: http://www.independent.co.uk/
The so called rugby champions of the world lost yet another encounter against the Wallabies this past weekend and yet still coaching stuff say there were positives to take out of that game. I may not be a rugby analyst, but I do know the that losing twice to the same team (at home nogal), with less than a month to the start of the world cup is off-putting.

Putting my disappointments aside, the Springboks didn’t play badly this time around. (It must be hell to read that line yeah?) Nonetheless everything they said they were going to improve, they improved. The plays at “break off points” suggested that they really wanted to play rugby. What made me and most of my mates countrywide happy was that finally the backs gave the ball a little bit of air. Something my other favourite team, the Bulls, must learn to do if they want their supporters to return to the Bullring. The defence was resolute even though their lines were broken couple of times, the cross cover was good enough to stop the attack in their trails. Unfortunately statistics do not win games “nogminder” world-cup games. The scoreboard alone does so.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Bang Bang Club is Like a Scattered Puzzle

The violence in the movie is shown without context.

Kabelo Chabalala

Do not think of the born frees of the country, do not consider those that says, “Yes we have obtained our democracy through the ANC, so what do we have now?” The director, Steven Silver is displaying the most touching historic epoch of South Africa in a contemporary way.

The density and gruesomeness of the feud between the ANC and the Inkatha is being revealed at minimum impact than what it really was during that era in South Africa. These are the people in the cast, Ryan Phillippe, Tylor Kitsch, Frank Rautenbanch, Malin Akerman, etc. I was expecting to see more local faces. Veteran actors such as Sello Maake Ka-Ncube, Magic Hlatswayo and Jammie Bartlett should have been part of the movie cast. The American accent that tried so hard to sound African was not “Bang Bang”. The location reflected the recognized Townships of Soweto, which was significant.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Unique Reports From Somalia Necessary

While many in Somalia go hungry and that country is faced with famine which has resulted in people catching various diseases and many, especially children, dying the Al Shabaab haven’t stopped attacking. As the world focuses on the humanitarian crisis in the country many reporters are currently neglecting telling us that this country is still at war, militia are not making the delivery of food easy and we are not being reminded that this is a country which hasn’t had an effective government since 1991.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Molefe's Unaccredited Doctorate Continues to Cause Much Debate at TUT

Pearl Nicodemus

The Tshwane University of Technology council has spent the last week defending itself in the media for appointing Prof. Johnny Molefe as Vice Chancellor despite his invalid doctorate from St. George’s University in the Caribbean. The qualification was obtained online and the university no longer exists.

The South African Qualifications Authority which had initially accredited the Business Administration doctorate says it later changed its decision claiming it had made a mistake and informed Molefe of this in 2007 – four years before accepting the vice chancellor post at TUT. The council has been quoted saying neither the university nor Molefe could have known the status of St. George’s at the time.

Medea at the Rostrum

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Casual Chat With a Township Artist

Mohau Ramashidja

Many people who live in South African townships are poverty stricken, without an ducation of often struggle to make ends meet. We found one man on the streets of Pretoria townships who uses wire to make something creative so he can feed himself. 34-year-old wheel chair bound, George Mongwayi, spoke to Mohau Ramashidja about his situation.

At what age did you start designing wire cars?

At the earliest age of 12, that’s when I started playing around with wires.

Who came up with the business idea amongst the two of you?

Both my partner and I came with the business idea. It was after we had both attended a workshop which encouraged us to use our hands.