Monday, August 22, 2011

Community Believes Butchery Sells Human Body Parts

Sthembiso Sithole
The Winterveld Community believes this
butchery sold a child a human penis.

“I am scared to sleep at night, I am no longer free. I regret why I gave community members that difficult meat to chew.”

This is a reaction of Paulina Mahlangu who was sold mixed livers that allegedly had human parts in Winterveld in the local Butchery.

This comes after her grandchild, Lindeni, was sent by her mother who refused to be mentioned to buy mixed livers for supper as usual.

Mahlangu says she didn’t check the pots when her grandchild was cooking but later told her she was hungry. “I was eating with my grandchildren when I tried to bite the meat that was difficult for me to chew. I called my child to explain why this piece was hard to chew, I then asked my self what kind of meat is this?”
Paulina Mahlangu is conviced she ate
a partof a human penis.

Mahlangu says she thought it was a turkey’s heart, but her daughter and some community members disagreed saying they were male sex organ.

“My grandchild was doing her washing when her cousin came and asked where I placed the meat. I told them that I threw it in the bin. With their curiosity they searched for it, discussed it and later told other people,” she explains.

After some community members saw the meat they agreed it was a penis and later called the police. Thereafter there were suggestions the butchery from which the meat had been bought should be burnt down.

The police first went to the butchery, but couldn’t find the owner. They later took Mahlangu’s daughter and grandchild to make a statement at the station.

Loate Police say the meat has been taken to forensic testing and results should be released in three weeks.

Buthery owner, Joshua Khoza, says he is being falsely accused . “I don’t sell human body parts, I sell fresh meat for my community and I am a Christian,” he says.

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