Friday, January 17, 2014

When You're Gay in Nigeria

Martin Chinagorom

With the passing of Nigeria's anti-gay bill into law, Martin Chinagorom was inspired to write this piece and in his words: “My writing is not gay activism. I write so that people may know that life is hard for these guys already. The best we can do for them is a little tolerance. With the bill and all that has happened thereafter there’s close to an anarchy in this community and as a nation we have enough demons already that we do not wish to add this the list.”
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When you’re gay in Nigeria,your whole life is one collosal creationary displacement. You should have been born in Europe or some place in America, not here. Maybe He’d tossed you in Africa hoping you’d land in South Africa but you look in the sky and it is a green-white-green.You go to the mirror and a square-in-a-round-hole stares back at you. You’re an anomaly, your very existence is an abomination.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Where’s the Youth to Facilitate Change Like 70s Youngsters did?

By Cyril Skosana
The youth of South Africa played a colossal role in the course of the struggle, scrapping face to face against the apartheid regime that kept the black race and its youth subdued for an extensive and utmost regrettable period. As documented in historical books, music, documentaries and films; it is unmistakable to say that the youth deserve extended credit for a democratic country we inhabit.

The role played by those who took the forefront in fighting against a system that sought to oppress the black race is of much significance. We could use it today, don’t you think? Here’s the pickle, there’s always a consequential pressure that naturally emanates from winning a battle. If you win, you need to keep your guards up to hold on to your throne. As you would expect, a loser will not by any chance rest after suffering loss. A good way to celebrate victory –according to my insignificant opinion, is protecting your position in any undertakings you may face. That being said, I have no doubt whatsoever for believing that our heroes stand weeping as they gaze at us from the heavens –if they do exist.

Insta-ville: the home of the fabulous
Mpho Raborife

So I recently visited the photo-sharing site known as Instagram to check out a few pics posted by a friend. For those who do not keep up with changing trends, Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that allows its users to take photos, images and videos, then apply digital filters to them and share them on this application and other social networking sites.

While I was visiting Instagram, I saw handles of some other people I knew, so I decided to see what they were sharing too.

At the end of my Insta-browsing (because Insta is now a prefix right?) I was left depressed and felt like I had shrunk to a the size of a cube of sugar. These people live such glamorous lives! Well that's what their profiles tells me. The lighting and photo-shopping extras help too.