Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Where’s the Youth to Facilitate Change Like 70s Youngsters did?

By Cyril Skosana
The youth of South Africa played a colossal role in the course of the struggle, scrapping face to face against the apartheid regime that kept the black race and its youth subdued for an extensive and utmost regrettable period. As documented in historical books, music, documentaries and films; it is unmistakable to say that the youth deserve extended credit for a democratic country we inhabit.

The role played by those who took the forefront in fighting against a system that sought to oppress the black race is of much significance. We could use it today, don’t you think? Here’s the pickle, there’s always a consequential pressure that naturally emanates from winning a battle. If you win, you need to keep your guards up to hold on to your throne. As you would expect, a loser will not by any chance rest after suffering loss. A good way to celebrate victory –according to my insignificant opinion, is protecting your position in any undertakings you may face. That being said, I have no doubt whatsoever for believing that our heroes stand weeping as they gaze at us from the heavens –if they do exist.

As the new-youth, we seem to have a little, if not nothing to offer into conserving the triumph. Are our fore sisters and fore brothers disappointed at us? I think they have a right to be. We have grown to be a youth that, on the face of it, has nothing if not a little to treasure for the next generations. What kind of a history are we going to write that shall be read 200 years from today? On which accomplishments are we going to be applauded for? Perhaps a generation that sat and watched from a distance when its nation fell apart? After this country attained freedom two decades ago, the youth give the impression to have taken a life-time break from swaying virtuous change and remaining relevant to the newly freed nation.

During a time where we as the youth should have attached ourselves to our parents and suck wisdom and knowledge from them, we drifted away and took a back seat to observe from a distance. If we are the multitude of this country, then aren't we therefore supposed to be part of the decision makers about political and socio-economic issues of this very nation? Our involvement in erecting a country we desire to live in appears to be none existent. We have lost touch with our kingdom. If the youth is the one that is heavily hit by unemployment, inequality, illiteracy, substance abuse and more other socio-economic challenges, then what steps are we embarking on to correct the pandemic we face as the youth? 

Within the political zone, we have attested the birth of a political party that is referred by media as a leftist and radical party. The birth of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), spearheaded by the popular Julius Malema, ousted African National Congress Youth League President, seeks to challenge the 2014 voting season. It’s a party that seeks to act as the voice of the poor and mostly as the voice of the youth of this country. Nonetheless, the question still stands; is it going to manage to stand against the old-timer parties that have enough time to grasp the dynamics of the political landscape in South Africa?

At a guess, say the voting outcomes goes against the party’s campaigns or aspirations, are we going to have any part that will respire the breath we exhale? Let’s rather assume that you don’t think the EFF has your best interests at heart, do you have an alternative political party that you think will address your needs, as the youth? As much as I wish the response could be affirmative, but it is apparent that there isn't any. The question remains un-reciprocated; where’s the youth to foster change just like the youth in the mid-70’s did? Where has our astuteness faded to? The stimulus and potential that lies within the youth is of inordinate prominence.

Our effort is necessary and our participation could inspire changes of necessity, it may be not all of them, but there could be a transformation if we come to the party. Playing a part in discourse might lead to untangling solutions for challenges we face as the country. After all, this country belongs to everyone who live in it, possession comes with responsibility.


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