Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saluting Single Fathers Working Tirelessly for Their Kids

Sphiwe Masilela

Have you ever thought of how you would have turned out if you were raised by a single father? There are many kids who have and are being raised by their fathers. While there is no substitute for that motherly love, they say they could have not asked for more given their circumstances.

In January alone, the national office of the family advocate which aids families in legal arguments relating to children opened more than 1400 parental rights cases from fathers wanting greater access to their children. And this is proof that there are good fathers out there who are taking responsibility for their actions. Although there are challenges along the way in raising their children, most fathers say playing both father and mother roles was challenging. But it is a role they would not trade for the world.

Michaelhouse Nearby but Majority of Kids Walk Distances in Cold Weather for an Education

Siphumelele Zondi

Last week I was in the area of Nottingham Road in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and I met an old man who inherited a massive farm in 1990, he has built a hotel in a certain part of his farm, donated a huge chunk of land to the Crane Foundation and has built decent four-bedroomed homes for families he says his ancestors found on the land over a hundred years ago. He also does a great job in ensuring that indigenous ways of the Zulu people are promoted and even has a Zulu traditional healer in his hotel spa. But it’s the land that made me think, it mainly made me think long and hard because I spoke to the man’s son who said he went to the extremely expensive Michaelhouse College which is nearby, he also told me that his sons also go to Michaelhouse. After he had told me this I then observed that a lot of black kids in the area walk for long distances to school. Winter mornings in Nottingham Road are extremely cold.