Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spring Day Water Splash Disrupts Learning

Pearl Nicodemus

To celebrate the arrival of an extremely hot spring the students of the Tshwane University of Technology, Soshanguve campus, take the first of September off and splash water around for the whole day. This is a tradition on this campus.

This year the activities started at midnight. The students who live on the residences on campus decided they were not going to sleep but play around with water where they live. That resulted in waterlogged rooms.
Some continued until the sun was out and those who wanted to learn had arrived on campus. Others went to sleep, but the activity gained momentum as the day progressed because those who had been splashed with water earlier on started to seek revenge.

It’s good for the students to have fun on such a day, but it seems as if they do not care much about those who do not want to be part of the activities. Those who would protest against what was going on would get a mob with buckets around them and the result would not be a pretty one.

Many lecturers were respected, but their cars were not. If one had not been informed about the activities of Soshanguve North they would have thought the cars leaving the campus had been in a rainy part of South Africa.

Students who drive were not spared. One student complained about his car seats being wet after he got out of the car to discipline a student who was making it muddy after pouring water on it. As soon as he opened his car door, he was greeted with a bucket of water which did not only wet him, but the inside of his car as well.

Some lecturers have complained about security guards who do nothing when such happens.
The problem with this activity is that some people who want to attend lectures are prevented from doing so as they are greeted by buckets of water as they enter campus.

Students continued with their “fun” until the late hours of the afternoon. The following day everything went back to normal with no sign of the chaos that took place the previous day.

1 comment:

  1. Have fun by all means but:

    1. After lectures are done for the day, are
    you not there to learn?
    2. Why waste so much water? How is that
    helping our environment?
    3. How is it ever okay to actually traumatise
    some students who just want to go about
    there academic day as normal?
    4. How do students get away with disrupting an
    entire days teaching?
    5. Our department was hosting an academic from
    Australia on that particular day. Do you
    think this is the behaviour we would like
    the rest of the world to see?

    Ms A. Kock
    Department of Public Relations and Business Communication.