Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome to the Tshwane University of, uhm, Renovations

Just one of the days when the server wasn't down.
Pearl Nicodemus
The Tshwane University of Technology is the number one university of technology on the African continent. The information is even on the university’s websites. But my short time here has shown me that not all campuses of this great institution are the same.
One would think that technical problems in a university of TECHNOLOGY should be forbidden. Think about it for a bit here – imagine your favourite chicken take away restaurant running out of chicken. Technology should be smooth at a university of technology.

A Slow server, systems down and no internet are just a few problems many students are struggling with in the Soshanguve North campus. All of these phrases have become far too familiar in the ears of TUT students in Soshanguve and all of these are always justified by this one word – RENOVATIONS!  These renovations have been taking place for three years or more now. They keep on saying it would be great when it is sorted out, but we will wait and hopefully the greatness will come in our time here.
The Supervisor of the Electronic Resource Centre Tshepo Mosehla says he also doesn’t know why these renovations are taking so long. I have also heard that in certain parts of the campus there was an agreement between TUT and sub-contractors that renovations would be completed after one month and it is now well over three months without proper functioning computers and internet. 
Renovations taking place in the old computer lab.
Computer maintenance is another issue puzzling the students in the Soshanguve North campus. The computers that are currently being used by the thousands of students on campus are not being maintained at all. There are new viruses every day. The other day when I asked whether there was an antivirus there I was told that it has expired and a new one will be installed once the RENOVATIONS have ended as all computers will be moved to the old centre once it has been completed.

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