Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jobless And Desperate Struggling Artists Taking the Fun Out of Big Brother

Big Brother Africa All Stars is near the end now and a question that comes to mind is why the show is called All Stars. None of the people on the show have done anything significant with their lives since they were last on the show. Many of them talk about big television and music careers, but it would be interesting to find out how well those are going.

Those who have chosen to be contestants on the show again have placed their lives on hold by spending three months in the Big Brother Africa house. They are putting their lives on hold again this year for the grand prize of 200 thousand US dollars.

If most of them had television, radio and music careers as they say then they would not need the money promised by the producers of the show. They would be spending the three months outside making more money than has been promised to them.

At least two women have children and it has been said that Meryl’s baby is only ten months old and yet this woman has chosen to enter such a competition and sits and drinks all day in the house. This is possibly a way for her to make money so she can support her baby.

It is amazing that these people receive so much support from viewers from their home countries and yet they cannot use the fame received on the show to find jobs and make more money once they are outside the house.

Their need for money also tests their morals in a big way. Some left children outside, at least one is married, but none compare to Uti. The Nigerian contestant entered the house after his father was admitted to hospital with cancer. His father died while he was inside and he chose not to attend his funeral saying he would only go if the producers would allow him to return and compete again. They never did. During the past week Kaone from Botshwana made remarks about his love for money of his father.

Uti has also mentioned that he has dreams of becoming an international actor. He says his eyes are set on Hollywood, so while the show is a way for him to possibly earn some income and at least have some food for three months – it is also a way for him to be spotted by some Hollywood producer.
Zimbabwean Munya also sounds like he has never had a solid job. The Zimbabwean studied media in South Africa and often talks about his dreams of becoming a film director and actor. Yet another contestant who has dreams of being spotted on the show.

There have been various guitar playing musicians as well who clearly also wish they could be spotted by a music producer who would possibly want to work with them.

The list goes on. During conversations in the house it has emerged that Quinn who was on the show last year refused to return saying he was busy with his school work. He has aspirations of being a radio presenter and clearly he realised that returning to university was his best option when he did not receive offers from his appearance on last year’s show. The rest should learn from that.

In conclusion it has become apparent that many contestants who enter Big Brother are struggling artists and celebrity wanna-bes who have no jobs in their countries and are on the show to make some cash so they can support themselves. There are not that many people who would not take an offer of free accommodation, free food and free alcohol for up to three months when they are jobless and desperate.

Those who cannot access the show can get highlights on this website:

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