Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Intersexions a Brilliant Show but Left Out Some Important Facts

Zanele Ngwenyama

Top notch corporate blames HIV negative wife for possibly
infecting him after her ex dies of AIDS.
 As I waited anxiously for the grand finale of Intersexions last night, I wrapped myself in a blanket and held tightly to a cup of tea for a bit of warmth. I was amazed by the sexy voice that opened the scenes. I thought to myself uhhmm who might that be? What a lovely voice in this cold and my imagination went wild. As the scenes played he said “I’m your friend HIV” which really put a damper on things and crushed my fantasies! Ok it was just a narration so I decided to concentrate to learn a few things.

Married taxi driver has girlfriends and children all over town.
From the day the series came on our screens, many were glued to their TV sets and debates followed after each and every episode. I must confess I take my hat off to the team behind the series as they did a great job. We live in a society ignorant about HIV/AIDS - not because there isn’t much awareness but because we are afraid of the stigma attached to the virus. Intersexions couldn’t have come at a better time to make us think again.

Social media forums would fill up with messages from people who would be freaked out by what they would have seen on television and debates would continue until the following episode. The whole country was in shock!

Both parties cheating play the blame game and bring
virus into relationship.
I expected more though and felt a few things were left out. Yes in the past we had a lot of shows that talked about Vee but intersexions raffled some feathers.

How many of us know that if you are raped there are certain pills you must take to suppress being infected? How many know that you can be HIV positive and have a healthy baby? How many of us know that if you are involved in a bloody accident there are pills you must take as you don’t know the next person’s status? The issue of disclosure was not dealt with as many are scared of telling their loved ones about their statuses and that’s the number one thing that’s killing our brothers and sisters than the virus itself.

Celebrity club DJ spreads HIV through the love
he gets from fans.
I feel nurses often neglect to give people all the relevant information on Vee and are often judgmental on realising that one is HIV positive and this could have been the perfect platform to teach more. Some scenes about university life would have been great as I believe that’s where life begins for most people and that is where many get infected. I hope we are going to have a second series where all issues will be covered and the stigma around HIV will be eradicated!


  1. great arguements but you also need to understand that not all can be done in one series.I believe the creators thought about that before.The concept behind the show is;its not about how many people you have slept with,its about who they have slept with.People already know where to go or what to do if you are raped.We need to understand that intersexions is not like soul city.Though we do need that kind of information,fact is it had an effect on people out there and made them think twice before engaging in sexual relationships.

  2. i for one is of the sentiments that most significant issues were dealt with in most episodes as it pushed through the fact thet HIV is reality and that homosexuality does exist in this life we live in. argument well laid by Zanele the journalist but again we should understand the theme and the concept of the story that "In sex there are no strangers" meaning that we live in a sexual cycle that connects us as individuals. I hope that the foundation laid could be extended and more influencial hard-heating series are still to come.

  3. i totaly agree with katlego legodi en "anno-anno" over there.The series was not as much concentr8d on " the pills...." and all the things you mensiond because the theme/ main concept was to show that "in sex there are no strangers". I HONESTLY THINK THEY DID A FINE JOB IN BRINGING THAT POINT ACCROSS. the title of the series was "intersexions" not " hiv".

  4. I have to agree with Zanele's Title in the beginning when it says, 'Intersexions a brilliant show'. Intersexions was a brilliant show indeed, big ups to the production team and everyone else who put the show together. I also feel they could've included scenes about university life because many people are unaware that HIV does live on campuses and that many students don't see the need to get tested.



  6. i love the show, its mca but repeated after a short space of time , 2012 would have been a better timing for the repeat.