Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zubs Concentrates on Making Timeless Music

Sibusiso Banda

Zubs feels musicians concentrating only on hit songs
add little value to the industry.
Zubs is known to many as just a hip hop star but this songwriter, musician and former television presenter describes himself as the “golden mic holder” who creates music that transcends time.

He was born Ndabaningi Mabuyi and sat with us during a live radio interview on the biggest campus-run radio station in the country, TUT FM. He says he it takes time for him to decide on musical collaborations.

“If I work with the rappers who are hot right now because it’s almost like I’m saying I need something to be hot right now, like if you’re hot today. I won’t do that. Hot people are just different. I remember when Sister Bettina was hot, you know what I’m saying. Nobody remembers that because there is always a hot new guy after the other one is gone. So if you collaborate based on temporary things like that then you’re wasting your time.”

He says his music must add value to the industry.

“I might do a remix of a hot song today but only if he likes the song and only if the remix is good and would add something to the original song and also his brand.”

Zubs says the music that he creates is not only significant and timeless but has deeper meaning to it that the biggest summer anthems we often get from certain musicians.

“Music is not temporary. The music that we create is not about today. I love the fact that you (referring to the station) you are laying today dates back to 5 years ago, and that is a sign that music is timeless. There will come a time when people will be playing the same songs that we have today and it will not be about how hot you are today but it will be about the music. If you don’t focus on the music then you’re wasting your time because then there is no point of you being a musician.”

When asked about what he thinks of the current change in music especially hip hop he said “the change is bigger than hip hop”.

“It’s not about music only but it is about global politics and economics,” he added.

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