Thursday, May 6, 2010

Online Shopping - TUT Style

Pearl Nicodemus

I am convinced. If you want to survive for three years on campus without being stripped naked, then this is your stationery list:

• A knife
• A gun
• A bullet proof vest
And lastly but certainly not least:

• Install a tracker or optionally a waterproof surveillance camera on all your clothes so that even if they are stolen off the washing line, you are able to retrieve them.

A week ago, my clothes where stolen off the washing line. Yes - such things do happen in a tertiary institution that claims to be ‘the University of Technology’ but is filtered with just security guards with two eyes instead of surveillance cameras around campus.

Ok, perhaps I am still bitter and I’m just looking for someone to blame. I am entitled, so indulge me for a second. I came back from class on that particular day and then immediately remembered that I haven’t removed my washing from the line. I’ve heard about this type of online shopping before but such things only truly bother you once they hit YOU directly.

Because of the inconsistent weather, I left it out to dry until late in the afternoon. I dashed outside and my fear had come to pass. My clothes were carefully picked out. All my jeans and two tracksuit tops. One of which I liked very much. Online shoppers had attacked me. I calmly removed the remaining few items like socks and pyjama pants off the line. At that point in time I was still in a bit of shock. Like most unemployed South Africans who are between jobs, one could say I was between emotions. However it didn’t take long before feelings of frustration and anger started brewing inside. I sent a “please call me” to everyone who mattered that night and of course mom was the first to call and console me.

I did consider taking a photograph of the few remaining items I found on the line but what are the chances I would return to my room with my camera.

NOW! Online shopping - is not a new phenomenon right? This incident probed me to research a little on why on earth people steal - Kleptomaniacs to be more precise. Kleptomania has been defined as a condition of not being able to resist the urge to collect or hoard things. People with this disorder are compelled to steal things, generally, but not limited to, objects of little or no significant value, such as pens, paper clips, and tape. Some kleptomaniacs may not even be aware that they have committed the theft.
Such people according to me are just people who jut cannot think further than their stomachs who steal just because they can. Or blame their idiocy on lack.

So beware. The cutie next to you could be a ‘klepto’.

DID YOU KNOW: The great Albert Einstein suffered from kleptomania.
Can you find other famous people who could not fight the urge to just TAKE, TAKE, TAKE?


  1. Hey, i happen to know quite a few of those, but the ones i know are those who has this urge to still people' minds. let me explain my theory clearly... this kind of people indoctrinate idiologies,perceptional values,common beliefs e.t.c and leave you confused. thier aim (intentional or not) is to create frays and commotion more or less confusion in those peoples minds.I call them pyschological kleptos. The main advantage they have is that they are more educated than thier subjects so this gives them right to control and steal peoples minds. NB! psychological kleptos are everywhere from churchs to schools from creches to malls.
    my advice is to stay rigid not turgid

  2. Interesting... I hear you. But you sound like those people who say that education messes with your mind. Are you? If you live a life that is based on convictions, values and principles then you will not be like a paper in the wind that just moves in all directions. Know you, and what you want. Then psychological kleptos will have no access to your mind.