Thursday, May 6, 2010

Going Home Is Always Good

Pearl Nicodemus

On Saturday morning around 6 ‘flippen’ AM. I was rudely woken up by people singing and chanting joyous melodies. I stepped out of my room to see what the happiness was about and I found people having loud conversations in the corridors - about nothing really. They all had a glow in their eyes. But it was still bizarre to me as students often don’t want to be woken up at 6 on a Saturday morning.

Even that horrible girl who never greets anybody was smiling at me. She actually greeted and that made me genuinely confused.

Just when I thought the excitement had subsided, later that night I heard people screaming their lungs out and running outside. There seemed to be a mob singing and approaching our residence area again. Of course this is not a new phenomenon when you’re living on res here. So I opened my curtain only to find that it was just a group of people who where happy to go home. They were chanting and dancing with beer bottles in hand.

It’s amazing how excited students from outside the Gauteng province get when they are going home. If going home does this to people, then I perhaps people should go home more often.

But from what they say when they get back, they often get bored quite quickly there but seeing parents, especially if you haven’t seen them is a while, is always a great feeling.

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