Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Elderly Man Waiting for House to be Built

Senini Chauke waits for house to be built.
Sthembiso Sithole

While many South Africans went to the polls to elect leaders they think will improve roads, five them better toilets or remove garbage from their areas – one man says he wants a certain candidate to win because he has been promised personal improvements should that happen.

70-year-old Senini Chauke from Soshanguve’s Block H has ill health and now relies on a tenant in his home for hospital visit assistance.Furthermore Chauke doesn’t have a proper house and the company assisting him disappeared with building material they had initially donated to him. Chauke says the company is called Xazulula Construction Renovation. He is faced with another problem of his brother’s son constantly demanding pension money.

‘Late last year I was approached by the construction company which promised to build a house for me. Today I am faced with a of them having removed the material,’’ said Mr Chauke.

Colleen Dube who is a tenant of Mr Chauke moved suspects that the building material was taken from his landlord to build another house.

Ward councillor Rosemary Ngobeni says if re-elected she will do all in her power to assist the situation.

“I was not aware about the situation and had no idea that the construction company could do such a thing. For the fact that they took building material away from him while he is sick and his brother’s son demands [Mr Chauke’s ] pension I cannot sit and not act.’’

He can't urinate on his own but is also bullied by relative.
Construction store manager who provides the material says there is a procedure they use in their decision.

“We normally go to any house that we have delivered building material and report to the person in that house that there is another house that is not complete, so we will take half of this material,’’ says Pagiso Mphahlehle a construction store manager.

He further explains ‘We have received a stand number [for Mr Chauke] and we will build for him. We are still waiting for the [building] material to come next week Thursday.

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