Thursday, February 17, 2011

SANEF Condemns Attacks on Journalists

Arnoth Mabunda

e-TV says news cameraman, Linge Ndabambi, was injured
during recent protests in Ermelo.
The media watchdog, SA National Editors’ Forum,yesterday issued a statement condemning the attack on e-tv cameraman and journalist on Monday. “We are particularly concerned that this is not an isolated incident but points to a growing tendency by some people to vent their frustrations on the media,” the statement reads.

Cameraman, Linge Ndabambi, was reportedly injured by violent protesters at Wesselton, outside Ermelo on Monday. The broadcaster’s satellite van and equipment were severely damaged by the angry protesters who are “allegedly” unhappy about the African National Congress' candidate lists for the local government elections.

“We urge the organizers of such protests to put an end to such attacks and to take steps to ensure the safety of journalists. Attacking the messenger in this way does nobody any good. Endangering journalists and their equipment this way can only result in the media shunning such areas, making it impossible to tell stories and to inform the public. Sanef commends protesters who came to the aid of Ndamambi and e-TV reporter, Jody Jacobs,” SANEF says.

Times Live quoted the e-tv’s spokesperson Vasili Vas saying that the journalist, Jacobs, “was not injured and the cameramen (Ndambambi) was being medically assessed on the scene.”

Strings of attacks on journalists have been reported across South Africa. Recently, Pretoria News senior photographer, Masi Losi, was attacked by two policemen while taking pictures of them arresting a suspected thief who they had moments before saved from a furious mob. In a common incident, two Mail and Guardian journalists were attacked by protesters in North West last year. “Such attacks have also become a common occurrence during protests in Diepsloot, Johannesburg,” SANEF says.

Media watchdog Press Emblem Campaign reported that “some 105 journalists (world-wide) have been killed while doing their job,” describing the killing of reporters as an "epidemic with no cure".

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  1. The people need to buy the Constitution book "The Bill of Rights". its clear that people need to get "educated". I don't see any reason why people should "shoot" the messanger. Journalists are the to report, inform and update the nation. In one way or another, we are nothing without journalists. HANDS OFF THE JOURNALISTS AND LET THE MEDIA EXCERCIZE ITS RIGHTS...