Monday, May 27, 2013

Two lands, two histories. One story of strategic organizing (Video)

Tshepo Tshabalala

Mkhuseli Khusta Jack organized a consumer boycott in 1985 in the city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, which helped end racial apartheid.

In 2000, Oscar Olivera was the spokesperson for a popular resistance that stopped the privatization of water in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The resistance was known as the Cochabamba Water Wars, a struggle against the privatisation of Bolivia's water, including its rain water.

In 2013, they met face to face and shared their stories of strategic organizing with the scholars and professors of the School of Authentic Journalism, of which I am an alumni.

Two lands, two histories. One story of strategic organizing. This video was produced by scholars from the 2013 class held earlier this year.

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