Monday, April 22, 2013

Tomorrow’s Leaders will either be conquerors or be conquered
LIVEOUTLOUD CE, Mike Eilertson.
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity of attending Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention where founder of LIVEOUTLOUD, Mike Eilertsen spoke about how tomorrow’s leaders utilised strategies from yesterday to affect today’s results. Eilertsen used an example of Genghis Khan.

He talks more about how to be a successful leader through applying lessons he learned from Khan. But these lessons remain important, especially for a modern world that is changing at a fast pace. There is a few lessons you can apply in your life outside the journalism career.

"Khan was a leader "who did more with less". His army was smaller and less sophisticated, yet he routed the nations of the Middle East and China despite being a member of a tented nomadic Mongolian tribe who had never seen a a city, a stonewall or a well. His success can be attributed to one thing i.e. speed, both physically and strategically."

Mike Eilertsen from Cape Media on Vimeo.

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