Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Super Car That Will Break Proposed Speed Limits

Bruce Mbingeleli

The Lexus LFA is safe, fast and elegant.
Some drive the cars they drive because of speed, there are those who buy them because of comfort and
others it’s the style that matters most. When I recently visited the Johannesburg International Motor Show (JIMS) recently I found a car that combines all this, ensuring that one’s driving experience in it is a memorable – even if it’s just for a few minutes as many can probably not afford it.

The team promoting the Lexus LFA say its advantage is high performance while managing to achieve optimal fuel economy and low emission. The car is equipped with a naturally aspirated 40-valveDOHC 4.8 litre V10 engine which kicks out an assembled 412Kw. It manages to deliver at 8700rpm, its maximum torque output being 480Nm arriving at 6800rpm, 90 percent of which is available from 3700rpm. In short this car is super-fast and reaches a high speed at a very short time.

I consider the LFA excellent on technology sophistication, it is safe – as safe as super cars can be.

The car has a six-speed automatic sequential gearbox with a rear-wheel drive that revs 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 325km/h, with a truly beautiful carbon fibre body construction that gives it an aggressive look on the front especially at the rear ends giving the BMW M5 and CLS 63 AMG Coupe a run for their performance.

The LFA comes in two exotic sports body models, the two-door coupe and two-door roadster. The new LFA has made it possible in fitting HDD satellite navigation system with a Mark Levison Digital Surround Sound System and Dual Automatic Climate control making it easier and convenient for the driver.

Lexus has made it possible for loading features to make driving more enjoyable in high-performance and safety: a Carbon Ceramic Material (CCM) brake discs for easy braking when stopping at high speeds.

The body features sharp edges and cut-offs for improved aerodynamic performance, made possible by the carbon fibre body. The body was designed with an emphasis on down force. There are air scoops located over the rear fenders which feed the aft-mounted radiators and help cool the brakes. A horizontal hood gap also feeds air to the engine. Two small aft vents expel air that is collected by an under body air scoop and used to cool the titanium exhaust pipes. Dual hood ducts serve to move hot air away from the exhaust manifold. It’s a shame that Lexus has produced only 500 of these models, for all you motor-heads out there eager in getting this LFA these vehicles are at a base price of US$375,000 an estimate of R2 995 303.36 million its really expensive but for a collector’s items why not.

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