Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun Day Had By Lecturers As They Say Goobye To A Colleague

Kabelo Johnty Chabalala

Humanities lecturers at the Tshwane University of Technology gathered at the Soshanguve South Campus Sport Field to celebrate the faculty’s first fun day. Known to fuss about students’ assignment deadlines and how they should improve their marks if they are not performing well – the educators had a chance to play a bit of cricket, partake in a 100 metre fun run and even compete in a potjie kos competition.

Faculty Dean, Dr Stanley Mukhola believes the day strengthens unity on campus. “This day was long overdue. We have been looking forward to this gathering as colleagues. You guys are committed teammates that show dedication and support.”

Dr Mukhola says he heads a faculty that is a trend-setter at TUT. He describes his colleagues as people who show a humanitarian side hence they are in the faculty of Humanities.

Lecturers had to prepare fire using wood for the potjie. Male lecturers like Fanie Groenewald of Journalism and Professor Van Der Walt from Public Relations and Management proved that some men can really cook.

“We see the bringing together of different cultures, and the coming together of people who don’t know each other personally as academics,” said one of the Dean’s team lecturer. What this people know is to go to work, offer lectures to their students and go back home. But this day presented them with an opportunity to break the walls that separate them. The faculty lecturers got s chance to each other social and on academically level.

The Head of Department of Applied Languages says he really enjoyed the day. “Today is a day of team building. It is outside work relations. It isn’t academia, but more relaxing.”

At the end of the day, different awards were given. They had an award for the best smile. Best meal of the day. And other awards such as the fastest runner and youngest lecturer. The best meal went to the journalism department proving that those lecturing there are not award winners in story-telling only, their hands have other talents too.

The sad moment came in as the dean announced the farewell of Professor White who has been with TUT for over 15 years. He describes his experiences at the university as phenomenal. “I just want to be a part time employee of this institution from now on”.

Dr Mukhola highlighted some of the spectacular moments they shared with him. He had produced more than 80% of the B-tech graduates last year in Gauteng province.

The lecturers had fun, as it was the theme of the day. They really networked and got a chance to knows each other better.

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