Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DA Takes Campaign to Pretoria Township

Sthembiso Sithole

DA promising the public basic needs
during its township outreach.
The Democratic Alliance has taken its municipal election campaign to the streets of Soshanguve Township near Pretoria. With this campaign the party is trying to appeal to black voters saying it is not just for white people as Soshanguve is an African National Congress (ANC) stronghold.

“Most people think that voting for DA means voting for whites to be in power. The alliance is for everybody from any race, religion and culture,” says Patricia Motshoene who works for the party in ward 34.

Motshoene promises that her political party will provide free housing, electricity and water which some of the people in the poor township desperately need.

During the Soshanguve campaign the party handed out pamphlets, pleading with the youth which is known for apathy during elections to vote on May 18.

“I want to encourage the youth to play a major role in our politics especially the Municipal Elections. It is the only way they can voice their opinions. We don’t want the hpoless youth with nothing to gain or lose,” stresses, Isaac Petersen, party Constituency Operation Manager for Mokgalapa.

DA members braving cloudy weather
to promote the party in Soshanguve.
The party says people in townships should realise that they have a choice and says there are community members who intimidate people during elections.

Pamphlets handed out had the message: “In our country we still have people who undermine democracy by intimidating people from practicing their right. You have the right to choose a political party of your choice.”

The DA plans to take the campaign to shopping centres, churches and public areas and says facebook will play a major role in its 2011 electioneering.

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