Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cool Documentary: Black People Getting Richer & Number of Poor Whites Increasing


  1. This is God's punishment on the whites for their stance on slavery. You don't even have to own a single slave to be subject to God's punishment from just the karma of believing that *Them Niggers are a waste to society* is enough to prompt the punishment and it's being fulfilled.

    God promised nations a lot of bad things would happen if the nation moved away from moral values and the USA has since the Civil war. Having the Federal Government protect us from racism is still a cop out and will not nullify punishment from the Creator because we are putting the responsibility away from us and onto the overburdened government.

    God knows it's all a joke and the joke is on us!

  2. BTW. What is often overlooked is that the civil war wasn't even originally about slavery. That came out much later in the war. The war was about high taxation on plantations which made owners go broke so they got more desperate.

    If the excessive high taxation hadn't happened then Jim Crow's Laws likely would not have even been considered or very quickly shot down in Congress as the white and (some Black) slave owners would not have been desperate to keep themselves from declaring bankruptcy and losing their farms.