Sunday, November 21, 2010

Company Leaves Durban Employees Jobless

Portia Mvubu

As we all prepare for a great festive season and as we fill shops to do our Christmas shopping, there are people who will not be so lucky.

Some of these people are workers of a company called bizWORKS. This weekt hey were told tha the Durban plant and call centre are being shut with much of the work being moved to England and Johannesburg. Employees of this company say they were not given notice or shown any signs that closure would be imminent.

Junior employee, Zwelethemba Ngcobo, says he feels they were unfairly dismissed.

“You should have seen the people crying on the streets, it was heartbreaking to come to work and be told you no longer have a job,” says Ngcobo.

Over a hundred people of his colleagues are in the same situation. Their main grievance is that they were only told on Wednesday when they showed up for work.

Staff is threatening to take the matter to the department of labour and company management has agreed to meet with them to discuss ways of solving the problem.

BizWorks is abusiness outsourcing company with an IT call centre in Durban. It also has a non-profit organisation that provides business training and loans to entrepreneurs in need of capital, but it is not clear whether that will still be happening.

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