Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bafana Needs New Strategy

Jane Ndlovu

Now that the cheers and laughter of people are over after a magnificent world cup tournament, what does the future hold for our national team?

All eyes were on them since the country was selected to host the tournament back in 2004. Some say Bafana Bafana played well, but I believe they ridiculed all South Africans by making history of being the first host team to be knocked out before reaching the second stage of the tournament.

I am bewildered by the incessant trend and manner in which our national football team plays the game. South African footballers lack experience and cannot stand the pressure of the world cup. There are always new players experiencing the world cup for the first time in each and every world cup tournament.

I profusely shift the blame to the South African Football Association (SAFA) and the Premier Soccer League (PSL) for the ordeal that this country is currently facing. It is beyond peculiar to me that the two football organisations are too laid-back about the matter. Their sluggishness is really is taking its toll on football as a career in this country. SAFA, in conjunction with PSL need to join forces and hunt for talented footballers.

There is also a lack of development in poor and rural communities are often ignored. This is because such areas are often far from major cities. Some good players might even be ignored as a result of a lack of contacts as nepotism is a major problem in South Africa.

Pitso Mosimane has been appointed national coach. I guess congratulations are in order.

Appointing a local coach might not be the answer though. Foreign coaches are not the only ones who ‘fail’ Bafana Bafana. Our national team needs to be moulded and sharpened to stand against any tempest. At least 60% of players who participated in the Fifa World Cup in the Bafana Bafana squad need to be accompanied by the other 40% of players who were ‘hunted’ for the next world cup.

This country will be void of complaints and grief if we have a lot of alternatives and strikers in the ‘storeroom’. Instead of sitting back and getting big fat cheques, SAFA and PSL members need to get out of their comfort zones and start working seriously. Unless something is done and new measures are implemented on Bafana Bafana we South Africans will forever be wailing. We have had enough of being let down and brokenhearted by the national soccer team. Ahg!

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